Monday, June 26, 2017

2 Months with Baby Number 3

We have made it through another month. Like always it seems to go by much too quickly.

This month the thing that has occupied most is of my thoughts has been sleep. Specifically your naps during the day or what I really should say is lack of your naps!

I have to keep telling myself that you are still so new and just sorting things out. I usually have to tell myself that many times a day as I hold you and bounce you to help you get some sleep.

Thankfully you have be quite good at night. We have a great little routine going. Most nights (not all unfortunately)  you will have a feed around 8pm, and then you fall asleep for the night shortly after. Then around 10pm your Father will feed you with a bottle, by doing that you stay asleep during this feed and then will continue to sleep to any where from about 1am to 3am, which is just wonderful. The problem is that I have been enjoying the peace and quiet a little too much and instead of going to bed when you do, I stay up much too late. After you wake in the early morning you start to wake up around every two hours for a feed. So you definitely not sleeping through the night but we have a good start, so I'm really hoping that it just keeps getting better and better.

The highlight of this month is that you have started to smile! Real smiles, not just a in your sleep  smile or a smile because of a gas bubble. But real "happy to see you" smiles. Your smiles brighten everyone's day, when you smile at your sisters, they laugh and smile right back at you and then they do everything they can to get you to do it again.

And to your Father's delight you seem to save your best and biggest smiles for him. Which I'll be honest I have mixed feeling about as I have been the one holding and feeding you all day long!

But truth be told you and I have wonderful moments in the morning when you are ready to get up. In those moments you are well rested, and have a full belly, and you are just content that you will smile and give me your best efforts to tell me all about your dreams. Those moments are so precise to me, I won't trade them for anything even I few more hours of sleep!

I'm looking forward to the next month.


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