Tuesday, June 27, 2017


We have been doing a lot of watching and waiting over the past few weeks.

First we waited for our creepy crawly friends to arrive

Then we watched them crawl around surrounded by their yummy food.

With all that food around we watched them grow and grow.

Eventually we watched them make themselves comfortable in their own chrysalis.

Which resulted in more waiting and waiting, and then some more waiting.

After a while we woke up to a wonderful surprise.... A Beautiful Butterfly!

We were over the moon.

We then had the pleasure of watching it stretch its wings and join us in waiting for her friends. We didn't wait long the next day 3 more decided it was time to show off their new wings. We had to wait one more day for the very last one to join the party.

We loved watching them stretch their wings and drink their sugar water and enjoyed them tasting their watermelon.

After a few days we said our goodbyes and watched them fly away. 

We have been talking about caterpillars and butterflies nonstop for the past few weeks.
 The girls have really enjoyed it and truth be told I have really loved it as well!  


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