Sunday, July 2, 2017

Happy Canada Day!


We had a wonderful day celebrating Canada's 150 birthday.

 We spent the morning in the community of Redwood Meadows. Where we participated in the bike parade, Mike pulled the girls the bike trailer. I think they had a good time; I was way behind walking with Keith in the stroller. It was a gorgeous morning, brilliant blue skies, sun shining bright and we were surrounded by beautiful tall pine tree. I loved every minute of it.

After the parade we took in the festivities they had. We checked out the fire trucks, watched some aboriginal dancers, and played some giant lawn games and then mostly the girls played at the playground.

Later in the afternoon after the girls nap we headed to the local celebration but as we were walking to the grounds the skies turned pretty dark. So we ducked into a restaurant to have dinner and wait for the better weather.

 And it worked out as if we had planned it, just as we were finished up the rain stopped and we were able to head down to the grounds.

The girls loved visiting the animals the most. We spent most of our time at the little petting zoo. At another booth they had some reptiles out to look at and touch. To my surprise the girls were really into touching them and loved all the snakes they had out.   After all that looking and petting they went on a pony ride to top it all off!

Then Rose was very brave and decided that she wanted to go on the huge blow up slide they had setup. Mike was a superstar and was willing to get his feet wet and muddy to take the girls down a few times.  I think they would have done that all night long if we had let them.

As we put the girls to bed that night we told them how lucky they are to be Canadian. With them being so young I don't think it truly understood what we were telling to tell them but one year it will sink in. One day they will recognize all the wonderful opportunities they will have because they are Canadian and I hope that I can teach them to be grateful for those opportunities and not take it for granted. 

Canada may not be perfect, there are always things to improve but it is pretty close! I'm so grateful to live in such a wonderful country, one where I don't worry about my children's educations as I know we have a good education system with a lot of programs to give extra help and support if needed. I have given birth to 3 children and with all the help and treat available to me if I needed it and never had to worry about how much it was going to cost me. I live in a part Canada that will take your breath away with its natural beautiful, people travel from all over the world to come and see what I can see and enjoy every day. I love this country, and I'm glad that I get to call it my home.

Mike enjoying a canadian treat, nanaimo bar.


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