Monday, July 3, 2017

Family Hike

Hikes are supposed to be relaxing right!?!?

Today was a perfect summer morning for a hike. The sun was shining; the sky was clear and bright, at times there was a nice gentle breeze to keep one nice at a pretty good temperature. As well I was going with good company. And yet I stressed out!

I was worried about finding the parking lot we need to get to, then I was worried about getting on the correct trail (we were on the wrong trail but we weren't 100% sure of this till we got back to our van). So because I was not confident about where we were going as we walked along I was constantly looking for a sign to tell me we were on the right trail. I kept thinking "oh there will be one around this turn." "There must be one by now, did I miss it" And on and on this thoughts went on in my mind.

At the same time I was worried about my kids and keep thinking about them. Will baby nap and will he be happy or is this going to be a bad day and he will be fussy the whole time. Will I be able to find a spot to feed him and/or change his diaper? And so on and so on.

About Rose, despite sitting on the toilet multiple times she has yet to go pee this morning, will she have an accident? Or what do we do if she says she needs to go out in the middle of nowhere? And so on and so on.

About Violet, will she be able to walk and keep up or was this going to be too much for her? Would Mike or I need to carry her? And so on and so on.

And then just the fact that we were hiking I worried and ticks and Lyme disease, the I worried about mosquitoes and west Nile virus.

With all that stressing out I was missing out on the breath taking surrounds and enjoying being with people I care about.

It wasn't till I was forced by Keith needing to eat to sit and look at where I was, I started to relax and realize how ridiculous I was being and what I was missing. I started to let go of all my worries and just live in the present moment.

The walk back to the van was much better for me, I had a good little conversation with Violet about all the pretty flowers that were growing on the side of the path and we talked about all the different shadows we saw. It really was so sweet and lovely.

It really was a lovely day and a wonderful little hike. And it could have been even better if I hadn't let stress overwhelm me but instead of worrying about what I missed out on, I'm to be grateful the lesson I learned and move on. 

When we got back to the van and figured out we were on the wrong trail we figured out that we had walked between 6 and 7 kms. And the girls walked about 98% of the time! I was so impressed because they didn't complain at all (or at least not to me) about how long we had been walking. They did get a few shoulder rides on Daddy but those didn't last very long. So like I said I was very impressed how well they did.

The little man enjoying the view as well. He did really good too! He took a few good naps while we were walking and when he was awake he seem quite content. I was really impressed with him as well. 


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