Monday, July 10, 2017

Vikings vs. Cowboys

No I'm not talking the NFL teams or a movie, although if you think about it that could be a good summer movie. Now I just have to decide if Harrison Ford would make a better cowboy or viking...... frankly that silver fox could pull off anything!

Anyway I digress, cochrane had some very special visitors, a group of vikings as well as a few pipe bands all the way from Scotland stopped by to say Hello.

Even though it was a very short parade, it was amazing! The bands were fantastic and the vikings were so impressive dressed in their full regalia.

Rose loved it and was very much moved by the music and started dancing all around.

The bagpipes were a little too much for Violet, she held my hand very tightly and said "too loud"

But when she saw how much fun Rose was having she decided that it wasn't that bad and started to enjoy herself a little more.

Now onto the cowboys! We decided to brave the crowds and head down to the stampede grounds for their family day. And holy cow talk about crowds!!! It took us 40 minutes just to get onto the grounds!

Once we got past the gates we took in some of the festivities. The highlight was watching the heavy horse pull. It was amazing to see how the drivers handled all those beautiful horses.

We also went to the agriculture buildings to check out the mini donkeys, the horses and the girls favorite, the chickens!!! But for me that part was pretty stressful there was just way too many people and keeping a hold of two little girls who just wanted to run to pen to pen enjoying all the animals was a little overwhelming. What made it all worth it was seeing them enjoying the horses so much. Rose loved the little colt, until it got a little too close to the candy she had in her hand, she was not impressed with that.

After checking out the animals we were done! It was way too hot and there was way too many people! Thankfully all the children were able to keep it together and the meltdowns  to a minimum. 

I'm looking forward to all the summer adventures yet to come!


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