Friday, August 18, 2017

3 months with Baby #3

Well I may be really slow in writing all about your third month with us but better late than never.

Your third month can be summed up in a few words; Positional Plagiocephaly and Sleep Regression.

For about a week and a half sleep was going alright naps were so-so, and at night you were doing okay. You were still waking up about 2 -3 hours but what was really great is that after eating you would go right back to sleep. Which for me is the most important, I don't really mind waking up every few hours but I just need you to go right back to sleep!

So like I said we were doing alright, then one day it all changed in a big way!!! It started about mid month you had the worst day you have ever had, no exaggeration you pretty much cried all day long! Yes, you had a few happy moment but sadly only a few and they were very short. You were cried so much and so hard I was worried that you had hurt yourself, but after looking all over I didn't see anything. You were just having a very bad, I think it really came down to a lack of sleep, because you were so upset you didn't have very good naps that day and the more tried you became the more upset you got! As well as the less you slept! It was just turning into one vicious cycle. Which I think lead to some major sleep regression, because we have been struggling ever since! Your have really crappy naps and at night you are no longer going right back to sleep after eating, so it has been a "fun". I'm really hoping that you get over this stage sooner rather than later, but from what I read about sleep regression it could last a while! :(

So besides sleep the other "fun" thing we have be dealing with is your diagnosis of positional plagiocephaly which is a fancy way of saying you have a flat spot on the side of your side. Thankfully the physiotherapist said it is a minor case but we still have to work on it if we want to correct it. How we do this is by laying you down on a hard surface on the side that is not flat. This provides counter-pressure to your skull and should help round it out. I'm supposed to do this for a total of an hour a day. Which you would think won't be that hard, it is only an hour but let me tell you it is much more difficult that you would think. You don't last all that long at one time and I can't just leave you there with a toy to entertain yourself while I take care of one or both of your sisters because I have to make sure that you keep your head in the right spot. So I don't often get the full hour in so hopefully it still helps. One the bright side while doing this it gives us some wonderful one and one time, I love all your smiles and coos. And it is even cuter when your sisters get involved and help out. They love playing with you and making you smile. It really is so sweet to see.

Now that we have covered all the not so fun stuff, now the best part of this month is that you started giggling!!! Oh, it melts my heart! I love it so much! Your Grandad received the honor to being the first one to hear it! I'm a little jealous, but I'll get over it! Besides I get to hear those sweet little laughs all day! Or at least when you are not crying, eating, pooping or taking your little cat naps!

Despite having a rough third month, we are so glad you are part of our family. Your sisters are so much in love with you, they can't go to bed without showering with hugs and kisses. It is just so sweet!

Look at that smile! You would never know we had a rough month looking at that sweet face! 


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