Wednesday, August 30, 2017

4 months with Baby #3

To celebrate your four month mark we went to the doctor for your regular scheduled check up. And although you are doing well for the most part there were a few issues that came up. 

First your weight, although you did gain weight since the last check up, it wasn't enough to keep you on the growth curve that you have been following. So in discussing this with our family doctor and the fact that you have not been sleeping well, she is wondering if your are hungry and just needing more calories. So we have a plan A and a plan B. Plan A is that after every other feed, I also ofter you a bottle of expressed breastmilk. We are going to try that for about a week (ish) but if you will not take that bottle and take in those extra calories, then we will move on to plan B. Plan B is that for one feed a day to give straight formula. So we will see how things play out, hopefully these plans you will get all the calories you need and will translate into to better naps and bedtime!!!! My fingers are crossed!

 We also did discuss starting you on solids but she felt you were still a little too young but when she sees you again in about 4 weeks to see how much weight you have gained she will also reasses you for solids and we may start you next month.

On to something much more positive, your giggles! Oh I love them so much! It brightens my day every time, hearing it lifts me up no matter how little sleep I'm running on. Your sisters also can’t get enough of your laugh either and they spend a lot of their day trying to make you giggle. They seem to know exactly what you find funny as you will just light up for them and will give them your best smiles and giggles.

It really is fantastic to see your relationship already developing with your sisters. They really do love you so much already, Your big sister Rose while smothering you with hugs and kisses will tell you she loves you "sooooo much!" And your sister Violet loves to snuggle right into you and rub her nose right against your nose. It is so cute but I have to reminder her to be gentle, thankfully you don't seem to mind and will often flash her a big smile.

One milestone you have reached this month is that you have started rolling over! When you do you will only tolerate been on your belly for a few minutes before you will get upset, and your sister have become really good at rolling you back when you become frustrated. Which as been so helpful to be as it saves me from doing it every five minutes!

Despite the lack of sleep we have been getting, I'm so glad that you are a part of our little family. I wouldn't give you up for all the sleep in the world! You bring so much love and laughter to our lives and we are so grateful for it.

I'm very much looking forward the  many more months to come.

Isn't he just the cutest!!!


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