Monday, September 25, 2017

5 Months with Baby Number 3

This past month has been quite a busy month so your 5 month mark really just snuck up on me!

We met with our family doctor a few days before you hit 5 month, we went to see her to check on your weight. And although you did gain some weight it was not as much as she would have liked to see. So with you been a little bit older and sitting up a little better on your own, we have started you on solid foods. At this moment we are starting in a few traditional way and just rice cereal. The first time we gave you some, you did not know what to make of it! You really only ate a few bites before letting me know you were done! But the next when it was time to feed you, you totally seemed to get the hang of it and ate it all up! I think it is going to be a lot of fun watching you enjoying solid foods, I have a feeling that you are going to turn into a bottomless pit like your Father.

You are still only rolling one way, you have yet to figure out how to get from your stomach to your back but you will now stay happily on your stomach for so much longer. This has been so nice because you are very quick to roll on your tummy when I put you down, and which in the past would lead to a whole lot of crying and me not getting a whole lot down with you always being in my arms! So now with you finally realizing that been on your stomach is not that bad of a thing has led to a lot more happy moments for both you and I.

Speaking of happy moments you're sleeping sooooo much better! About a week before your 5 month mark both your Father and I had really hit a wall. We were both feeling exhausted and really at the end of our rope with your "I'm never going to sleep unless it is in your arms" attitude. So we finally decided that it was time for you to move to your own room and that it was time for you to learn how to fall asleep on your own. It has been the best decide we have made! Yes, the first night you were a bit upset but every night and nap since you are falling asleep quicker and quicker and you are staying asleep for longer and longer. It is amazing!!! I can see a huge difference in your countenance, you are happier and content for longer periods of time. This has led you to explore more and be entertained by your sisters and your toys for longer and longer. It really feels like we have turned a big corner, I really hope this continues.

You are such a wonderful baby, and by getting more sleep I can see more and more just how wonderful you are. I get to see better how much you love to watch and try to play with your big sisters. With you taking better naps you are now in a better mood when your Daddy gets home and you just light up when he walks through the door. It is the greatest thing to see and it makes my heart want to burst!

I look forward to the coming months watching you grow and learn.

I love how in this picture it looks like you are jumping for joy! When you are full and well rested baby you are definitely the happiest baby ever! 

Cake Club

When a local coffee shop advertised that they were going to be starting a cake club, my taste buds started to dance and I was very intrigued.

At first even with that burst of excitement I was unsure if I really should sign up. I already have lots on my plate and a never ending to do list that feels like it never gets any short, so was it really a good idea to add one more thing to my life....... well at first I told myself "No" I had enough going on and that my waistline really didn't need me add more cake into my life. But I keep thinking about it and kept dreaming up ideas for cake... and there may have been one or two nights where I found myself up much too late lost in never ending google searches for cake designs.

So I change my mind clearly I was thinking about it way too much to not do it!

Now about my cake well at first I had my heart set on doing a mirror glaze cake, I wanted to challenge myself to do something I had never done before. But in the end things I wasn't able to find a few things that I felt I need to accomplish that type of cake, so I chicken out. And with Google’s help I came up with a plan B.

I decided to bake a pumpkin spice cake, tis the season after all. And normally I don't toot my own horn like this BUT it was DELICIOUS!!! The cream cheese icing was just amazing! Yeah, I could have ate the whole thing myself, no problem!!!

I ran into my first problem after I had baked and stacked the cakes, it was not high enough for the design that I had planned to do! I felt defeated, I was already a little discouraged with the fact that I was not doing a mirror cake so to hit another wall already was crushing.

I had to take a step back and give myself to regroup and come up with a solution or maybe a whole new design plan.

During my little break, I started messaging a good friend and thankfully she helped come up with a way to make it work with a very simple switch in the plan. So thankfully I was feeling better about the whole cake club idea and was able to finish my cake!

As you can see from the picture below, I add a bit of caramel sauce in between layer for that little bit extra of goodness.

It is starting to come together!

Final the product!

Fall Leaf Cake

I could go through and list on a millions things I wish I could have done differently or what didn't turn out as well as I would have liked but I'm trying to overcome my perfectionist side and just be happy that I completed my goal of make a cake and continuing to practice the decorating skills I learned in the classes I took. And it really didn't turn out too bad. 

The meetup itself was fantastic! The husband and wife who run and own the coffee shop are just amazing. She made some out of this world cakes! So yummy! She even made one inside a pumpkin! It turned out so well, it was so moist and tasty! 

The others that turned up for the club were just so nice and everyone seem to enjoying chatting about everything and anything and oh course tasting everyone's cake or treat they brought! 

I really had a wonderful time and I can't wait for next month! 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

First Day Of Preschool

Well it arrived and what felt like a lot sooner than it should have.

Rose's very first day of preschool!

I stayed up the night before way longer than I should have pacing back and forth making sure I got everything from her school list. There were only four things, a few rolls on paper towel, a box of tissues, an extra change of clothes just in case and indoor shoes. And yet I probably checked and rechecked that bag a million times!

We have been talking about going to school off and on the whole summer getting her use to the idea of going. Than the last few weeks before it started, pretty much every day we brought up school in some way. We talked about how she would be learning French and practiced saying "Bonjour!" to her teacher. We worked on her overcoming her fear of very noisy toilets and having her practice using the toilet without a children’s toilet sit. And with that she worked on wiping all by herself. We talked about having good listening ears for the teachers and to share and use gentle hands with her classmates.

And she loved talking about school and getting ready to go.  It was so cute to see how of herself she would get when she did not use her toilet sit and just balanced. She was and is excited to learn French because she will be just like one of Peppa pig's friends who speaks French.

So after all that pre work and stress completely on my part, this morning when I went to wake her up she pretty much flew out of bed, running to get her school shoes that she was finally allowed to wear. Yet she still had to wait till got to school to put them on!

She picked out her clothes, choosing (with no surprise) a bright pink shirt and wanting her hair done with two braids like Princess Anna. She was so good at keeping on task and then letting me take a million pictures of her on this very important day.

On the way there both girls loved pointing out all the school buses they saw along the way. They were just thrilled at how many they saw!

Then the big moment had arrived I had to say goodbye to my little baby and let her go and let her grow into a big girl.

I was so proud when she saw her teacher said very clearly and loudly said “Bonjour!” and she looked up at me and smiled knew she had done what we had been practicing.

She gave my leg a squeeze and waved good bye and didn't look back! I, on the other hand looked back a dozen times!

When it was time to pick her up, she was in great spirits and excited to see me and gave Violet and Keith big hugs. The teachers said she did great. No Problems.

When I asked her what her favorite part of school was she said "snack!"

That's my girl!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Trip to British Columbia

Our last few days of summer were filled with hours in the van and the sounds of the sea as we took a trip and drove out to Vancouver Island for our family holidays.
It was filled with wonderful, good and "what were we thinking!?!?" moments.
A lot of the "what were we thinking!?!?" moments happened in the van as we spent 29 hours (that is driving time only, that does not including all the stops we had to make) that is 2,292 km in our van with a 3 year old, a 2 year old, and a 4 month old baby! Yeah! What were we thinking!?!?! LOL

Our little 3 year old actually did very well; she was able to keep herself happy by just looking out the window for a lot of the time. And when she got bored of that, I had a whole bag full of toys, coluring books, and stickers to entertain her. This worked well for her.

Our lovely little 2 year old was not able to be as content. And after a few hours of sitting of the vehicle she would reach her limit and yell and scream to get out!  No toys or stickers would calm her down, poor girl. Thankfully when she would reach her limit we often had to stop so I could feed the baby so she was able to get out and walk around for a little bit.

As for our little sweet baby, in the van there were a lot of times that he was not so sweet. Poor guy! He just got sick of being in his car seat and just wanted to be held. But obviously I couldn’t hold him while driving so the poor guy would just scream and scream and there was nothing we could do. Poor poor baby! L

Each day as we arrived at our hotel for the night everyone was very happy to be out of the van!!

 That was the hardest part, being stuck in the van for hours and hours on end. Besides that we had a lot of fun on our family holiday!

We spent a lot of our time walking around exploring a lot of different parks. We spent a lot of time in Stanley Park, which is our favorite spot to visit when we are in Vancouver.

When we went over to Vancouver Island, we loved walking by the sea and taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells! The girls thought it was hilarious to keep saying “It’s stinky!” But they loved looking for shells and searching for crabs hiding under the rocks.

Butchart gardens were just gorgeous; something I would suggest to anyone visiting Victoria should go and see. I don’t think I have seen so many flowers in my life! It is so well taken care of and just beautifully designed Even with it just being flowers and girls really seemed to enjoy themselves. There is no question that they like all the water fountains the best!

We also really enjoyed strolling around Fort Rodd Hill and the Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site. 

Another highlight for the girls was the two ferry boat ride we took this vacation. Rose was so excited to go on the big white boat! She still talks about it!

We stayed 3 nights in a super fancy resort call Bear Mountain resort. It was really nice! And thanks to airmiles we were able to enjoy it all for free! We did splurge and have dinner at one of their restaurants. We felt a little out of place as we were looking a little frazzled after traveling in the van for a few hours, wearing comfort clothes and everyone else there was all dressed up really nicely and no one else had young kids. So I’m sure they all were super happy when we came in and sat down! But it was delicious! And the view we got to enjoy while eating was breathtaking.

We also were able to visit with some of my extended family who live out in B.C. I don’t get to see them very often so it was really nice to touch up for a bit. One always wishes those visits could be longer.

It was so nice to end our summer with this wonderful trip. I’m so grateful that Mike had the ability to take a little bit of time off work and have some good family time.

But next family vacation I want to go someplace close (or fly) and just stay in one spot! It is hard work packing and unpacking the van pretty much every day! 

This is an 800 year old tree! 

Good Bye Summer

Summer has come and gone and it is now time to start focusing on other things besides having fun in the sun! (We will still have lots of fun but sadly we might feel the heat from the sun for a little bit)

Rose's summer was filled with dancing! Let's be honest her life is pretty much filled with dance! She did the summer session of dance class and she did the summer dance camp as well and loved it! We now get lot of spontaneous dance recitals as she loves to show us her moves!

Then then of course summer can not be summer without a few trip to the spray park which is always a big hit with the girls. Keith doesn't seem to mind either way at this point as long as he is being held, he is happy! 

Then there are all the bikes rides and visits to the playground, both of which are some of the girls favorite things to do.

We loved spending time with cousins and the fact we got to do so while going on rides was a great bonus! 

Then there are the wonderful summer festivities and shows we were able to go to. We had a wonderful time at the car and air show. Mike enjoyed teaching the girls all about how the engines works. 

Rose loved naming all the colours the cars were and just had to get pictures in front of some of her favorites!

Then as always just spending time together. 
The girls sure do love their little brother and just can't seem to get enough of him! 

There were also a whole lot of silliness and popsicles!

Good Bye Summer! See You Next Year!