Monday, September 25, 2017

5 Months with Baby Number 3

This past month has been quite a busy month so your 5 month mark really just snuck up on me!

We met with our family doctor a few days before you hit 5 month, we went to see her to check on your weight. And although you did gain some weight it was not as much as she would have liked to see. So with you been a little bit older and sitting up a little better on your own, we have started you on solid foods. At this moment we are starting in a few traditional way and just rice cereal. The first time we gave you some, you did not know what to make of it! You really only ate a few bites before letting me know you were done! But the next when it was time to feed you, you totally seemed to get the hang of it and ate it all up! I think it is going to be a lot of fun watching you enjoying solid foods, I have a feeling that you are going to turn into a bottomless pit like your Father.

You are still only rolling one way, you have yet to figure out how to get from your stomach to your back but you will now stay happily on your stomach for so much longer. This has been so nice because you are very quick to roll on your tummy when I put you down, and which in the past would lead to a whole lot of crying and me not getting a whole lot down with you always being in my arms! So now with you finally realizing that been on your stomach is not that bad of a thing has led to a lot more happy moments for both you and I.

Speaking of happy moments you're sleeping sooooo much better! About a week before your 5 month mark both your Father and I had really hit a wall. We were both feeling exhausted and really at the end of our rope with your "I'm never going to sleep unless it is in your arms" attitude. So we finally decided that it was time for you to move to your own room and that it was time for you to learn how to fall asleep on your own. It has been the best decide we have made! Yes, the first night you were a bit upset but every night and nap since you are falling asleep quicker and quicker and you are staying asleep for longer and longer. It is amazing!!! I can see a huge difference in your countenance, you are happier and content for longer periods of time. This has led you to explore more and be entertained by your sisters and your toys for longer and longer. It really feels like we have turned a big corner, I really hope this continues.

You are such a wonderful baby, and by getting more sleep I can see more and more just how wonderful you are. I get to see better how much you love to watch and try to play with your big sisters. With you taking better naps you are now in a better mood when your Daddy gets home and you just light up when he walks through the door. It is the greatest thing to see and it makes my heart want to burst!

I look forward to the coming months watching you grow and learn.

I love how in this picture it looks like you are jumping for joy! When you are full and well rested baby you are definitely the happiest baby ever! 


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