Monday, September 25, 2017

Cake Club

When a local coffee shop advertised that they were going to be starting a cake club, my taste buds started to dance and I was very intrigued.

At first even with that burst of excitement I was unsure if I really should sign up. I already have lots on my plate and a never ending to do list that feels like it never gets any short, so was it really a good idea to add one more thing to my life....... well at first I told myself "No" I had enough going on and that my waistline really didn't need me add more cake into my life. But I keep thinking about it and kept dreaming up ideas for cake... and there may have been one or two nights where I found myself up much too late lost in never ending google searches for cake designs.

So I change my mind clearly I was thinking about it way too much to not do it!

Now about my cake well at first I had my heart set on doing a mirror glaze cake, I wanted to challenge myself to do something I had never done before. But in the end things I wasn't able to find a few things that I felt I need to accomplish that type of cake, so I chicken out. And with Google’s help I came up with a plan B.

I decided to bake a pumpkin spice cake, tis the season after all. And normally I don't toot my own horn like this BUT it was DELICIOUS!!! The cream cheese icing was just amazing! Yeah, I could have ate the whole thing myself, no problem!!!

I ran into my first problem after I had baked and stacked the cakes, it was not high enough for the design that I had planned to do! I felt defeated, I was already a little discouraged with the fact that I was not doing a mirror cake so to hit another wall already was crushing.

I had to take a step back and give myself to regroup and come up with a solution or maybe a whole new design plan.

During my little break, I started messaging a good friend and thankfully she helped come up with a way to make it work with a very simple switch in the plan. So thankfully I was feeling better about the whole cake club idea and was able to finish my cake!

As you can see from the picture below, I add a bit of caramel sauce in between layer for that little bit extra of goodness.

It is starting to come together!

Final the product!

Fall Leaf Cake

I could go through and list on a millions things I wish I could have done differently or what didn't turn out as well as I would have liked but I'm trying to overcome my perfectionist side and just be happy that I completed my goal of make a cake and continuing to practice the decorating skills I learned in the classes I took. And it really didn't turn out too bad. 

The meetup itself was fantastic! The husband and wife who run and own the coffee shop are just amazing. She made some out of this world cakes! So yummy! She even made one inside a pumpkin! It turned out so well, it was so moist and tasty! 

The others that turned up for the club were just so nice and everyone seem to enjoying chatting about everything and anything and oh course tasting everyone's cake or treat they brought! 

I really had a wonderful time and I can't wait for next month! 


  1. That looks Awesome Elva and it sounds soooo tasty. Wish I could have made the first cake club meet up! I'm hoping to see you there in October :)