Saturday, September 23, 2017

First Day Of Preschool

Well it arrived and what felt like a lot sooner than it should have.

Rose's very first day of preschool!

I stayed up the night before way longer than I should have pacing back and forth making sure I got everything from her school list. There were only four things, a few rolls on paper towel, a box of tissues, an extra change of clothes just in case and indoor shoes. And yet I probably checked and rechecked that bag a million times!

We have been talking about going to school off and on the whole summer getting her use to the idea of going. Than the last few weeks before it started, pretty much every day we brought up school in some way. We talked about how she would be learning French and practiced saying "Bonjour!" to her teacher. We worked on her overcoming her fear of very noisy toilets and having her practice using the toilet without a children’s toilet sit. And with that she worked on wiping all by herself. We talked about having good listening ears for the teachers and to share and use gentle hands with her classmates.

And she loved talking about school and getting ready to go.  It was so cute to see how of herself she would get when she did not use her toilet sit and just balanced. She was and is excited to learn French because she will be just like one of Peppa pig's friends who speaks French.

So after all that pre work and stress completely on my part, this morning when I went to wake her up she pretty much flew out of bed, running to get her school shoes that she was finally allowed to wear. Yet she still had to wait till got to school to put them on!

She picked out her clothes, choosing (with no surprise) a bright pink shirt and wanting her hair done with two braids like Princess Anna. She was so good at keeping on task and then letting me take a million pictures of her on this very important day.

On the way there both girls loved pointing out all the school buses they saw along the way. They were just thrilled at how many they saw!

Then the big moment had arrived I had to say goodbye to my little baby and let her go and let her grow into a big girl.

I was so proud when she saw her teacher said very clearly and loudly said “Bonjour!” and she looked up at me and smiled knew she had done what we had been practicing.

She gave my leg a squeeze and waved good bye and didn't look back! I, on the other hand looked back a dozen times!

When it was time to pick her up, she was in great spirits and excited to see me and gave Violet and Keith big hugs. The teachers said she did great. No Problems.

When I asked her what her favorite part of school was she said "snack!"

That's my girl!


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