Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Good Bye Summer

Summer has come and gone and it is now time to start focusing on other things besides having fun in the sun! (We will still have lots of fun but sadly we might feel the heat from the sun for a little bit)

Rose's summer was filled with dancing! Let's be honest her life is pretty much filled with dance! She did the summer session of dance class and she did the summer dance camp as well and loved it! We now get lot of spontaneous dance recitals as she loves to show us her moves!

Then then of course summer can not be summer without a few trip to the spray park which is always a big hit with the girls. Keith doesn't seem to mind either way at this point as long as he is being held, he is happy! 

Then there are all the bikes rides and visits to the playground, both of which are some of the girls favorite things to do.

We loved spending time with cousins and the fact we got to do so while going on rides was a great bonus! 

Then there are the wonderful summer festivities and shows we were able to go to. We had a wonderful time at the car and air show. Mike enjoyed teaching the girls all about how the engines works. 

Rose loved naming all the colours the cars were and just had to get pictures in front of some of her favorites!

Then as always just spending time together. 
The girls sure do love their little brother and just can't seem to get enough of him! 

There were also a whole lot of silliness and popsicles!

Good Bye Summer! See You Next Year!


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