Monday, October 30, 2017

Simple Halloween Painting Craft

Who doesn't need a super easy Halloween Craft!?!?!

One of my favorite Halloween crafts to do with my kids is also one of the simplest. Painting those adorable baby pumpkins!

It needs very few materials, and if you put in place a few easy tricks, cleanup is also pretty simple.

What you’ll need:
A few baby pumpkins
Paint and brushes
1 or 2 Garbage bags
Some sort of painting shirts or aprons

The biggest trick to make clean up super easy, take those garbage bags cut along two side before laying it on the table, that way you don’t have to worry about wiping any paint of the table.

Super Simple!

Then get those paints and brushes out.

And don't for get to put on those aprons or today we just used bibs! 

I usually just let the kids pick 3 -5 colors. I found they don’t need all that many colors and by limiting the amount of colors, cleanup is much easier!

And then let the kids go nuts!

Halloween craft painting baby pumpkins

There really is not a lot of set up for this craft but lots of fun and creativity! 

Halloween craft painting baby pumpkins

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Becoming more Mindful

What is mindfulness? It really is becoming more present in every moment of the day. It is turning off the auto pilot when we going about our daily routines. 

It is something that Mike and I seem to talk about quite a bit. We often discus how we can become more mindful and how we can teach our children to be mindful in their lives as well. 

I borrowed a book from the library called "Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda" By Lauren Alderfer and Kerry Lee MacLean. What a wonderful book! My girls loved it and it was a great way to talk about living a more mindful live. Although it was written for children, I found it so helpful for myself as well! It was a great  reminder to be present in each moment of the day. 

Now I'll be honest I'm still working on training my brain to slow down or turn off, instead of continually thinking of what I need to be doing next. I have a goal that one day I can do even the most mundane task and still be able to be present in that moment and even be thankful for that task. 

Honestly I feel like my girls are really good at this all end, whither they are playing, colouring or cleaning. You can tell that is all they are thinking about, they are enjoying the moment and truly living in it. 

Maybe I don't really need to teach them how to be mindful but remind them not to forget how to do it as they grow old and become more and more caught up in the idea that life is a race instead of a journey. 

mindfulness quote Jon kabat zinn

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A tree full of thanks

Growing up at thanksgiving before we started eating we would go around the table and say what we were thankful for. It was a tradition that I may not have fully appreciated growing up but now with a family of my own I love it and see the great lessons it can teach.

This year I have expanded the tradition making it a month long event. By doing this it has helped me so much in seeing the joy in everyday life and truly being grateful for the simple things that can easily over look.

I didn't really know what to expect from the girls, and I was unsure on how to explain to them what we were doing and why it is so important be be thankful for all that we have.

In the end I have kept the explanation to a minimum and have tried to focus more on the conversion that can it open up. Most days it is short, but it definitely has given the girls time to reflect on their day and share with us something that is important to them.

To try and ensure that the conversation really means something to them, I thought it was best for the girls to truly come up and share their own though. So I consciously do not give them any prompts on what they should say. Okay, that is not completely true the one prompt they get is that Mike and I go first and then they have their turns. Anyway after they have shared I do try and build on it, explain why what they have said is so important in our life or why it is good to be grateful for that thing or person. Or even ask them how what they said makes them feel. It has been so wonderful and we are not even half way through the month!

So far there has been time were they have just copied Mike or myself or copied each other, or sometimes you can tell they just said whatever they saw first after I asked them what they were thankful for. But I feel like that doesn't matter, they are learning and growing and I know that each year it will mean more to them! Well at least that's what I hope happens!

Highlights so far; the first night that Violet 100% came up with her own thing she was thankful for and did not just copy Mike, Rose, or myself. And then with family visiting Rose said "Uncle Eric" and went over and gave him a big hug.

I'm looking forward to seeing our tree fill with all the things we are thankful for. 

Thankfulness Tree Paper

Rock Painting

All the way back when we first moved in to our new home, we have had a huge pile of rocks sitting by our house. They have been sitting there gather dust and becoming a lovely home for far too many spiders for my liking. The rocks sat there waiting for moss to grow and find their destiny.

Then late this summer with a huge amount of help from our wonderful neighbors, we finally finish the landscaping between our two homes, and that is when it suddenly became clear what fate had in store for those solid mineral material, art! They were to become the outlet for creativity. They would become a child's master piece. 

Step One: Create a blank canvas 

rock painting craft tutorial
Step Two: Pick the coldest windiest day to let the little ones out to paint to their hearts delight

Step Three : Admire their work and see how each brush stroke is filled with joy and excitement.

rock painting craft tutorial

rock painting craft tutorial

rock painting craft tutorial

rock painting craft tutorial

Step Four: Paint one yourself but remember to tell everyone that a child painted it because it very much looks that way.

rock painting craft tutorial

Step Five: Create a few sentimental masterpieces cause they are only this little once

Step Six (which has yet to happen) Let your husband get in a good workout and move these beautiful works of art to their final home to be displayed with love and pride for all to see.