Monday, October 30, 2017

Simple Halloween Painting Craft

Who doesn't need a super easy Halloween Craft!?!?!

One of my favorite Halloween crafts to do with my kids is also one of the simplest. Painting those adorable baby pumpkins!

It needs very few materials, and if you put in place a few easy tricks, cleanup is also pretty simple.

What you’ll need:
A few baby pumpkins
Paint and brushes
1 or 2 Garbage bags
Some sort of painting shirts or aprons

The biggest trick to make clean up super easy, take those garbage bags cut along two side before laying it on the table, that way you don’t have to worry about wiping any paint of the table.

Super Simple!

Then get those paints and brushes out.

And don't for get to put on those aprons or today we just used bibs! 

I usually just let the kids pick 3 -5 colors. I found they don’t need all that many colors and by limiting the amount of colors, cleanup is much easier!

And then let the kids go nuts!

Halloween craft painting baby pumpkins

There really is not a lot of set up for this craft but lots of fun and creativity! 

Halloween craft painting baby pumpkins


  1. Easy clean up wins every time! This is a super cute idea, and looks a lot easier than carving for the little ones!