Wednesday, November 1, 2017

5 Simple Things Yo Can Do To Be More Mindful

I’m new in this journey of practicing mindfulness.

 So I’m taking baby steps, by making small and simple changes in my life.

Now although they are small changes, they have been helping me so much in being more present. 

So here are the 5 simple things I’m doing to have a more mindful day. 

1) Give yourself 20 more minutes to get ready and out the door. 

For me, the morning is often when I feel the most rushed and stressed! This can unfortunately lead to me freaking out as I try and get three little ones out the door on time. 

But by just waking up 20 minutes earlier, it gives me time to get myself already first and then get the kids up. And because I’m already dressed  I can give them all my time and attention and even enjoy the morning routine as we get ready to take one the day! 

2) When your child says “Mommy, (or maybe Daddy for you) Look at me! Just stop what you are doing and take the minute or two it will truly take and look! Just give them the attention they need. 

I don’t know about you but this request always seems to come right when I feel I can’t give them the attention they want.  

I will say “Please just wait, I’ll be there in a minute” or something like that, then comes the “mommy, mommy look, look!” over and over again! 

And the stress level would raise and in the end no one was happy. 

So I ran an experiment, when they would say “Look at me!” I would stop whatever I was doing and give them my full attention.

 And do you know what happened, it took less than 5 minutes then I could go right back to what I was do.

Now let’s keep it real here, yes there are times when I cannot stop what I’m doing and they do have to wait. 

But the more I strive to become more mindful and enjoy the present moment when they do have to wait, they seem to handle it better. 

3) Look them in the eyes and give them a sincere thank you. 

This is easily my favorite new practice. 

At the bare minimum I tried to do this each night before they go to bed. I give each of my children a big hug and thank them for all the wonderful things they did that day. 

And even on what feels like the worst day there is also something that they did well, even if it was for only a second! 

I have found by always being mindful and being on the lookout for those positive moments it has helped them to know how appreciated they are and how their actions add so much to creating a loving and safe family.

You should see how big they smile when I express my sincere gratitude for their good deeds. By saying thank you it helps them realize that they are an important and valued member of the family. And by focusing more on the positive, it has helped to create more positive moments. 

4) Ask yourself “Does this really matter?” or “This is really that important?” 

By asking those simple questions and doing a quick evaluation, does it really matter if they want to wear some dress up clothes to bed? Does it really matter that they are getting all muddy in that puddle? 

Maybe sometimes it does, but by doing that quick check it has lead me to worry less and given myself permission to just let it go! And just feel the joy that comes with kids feel happy and laughter in the simplest things! 

5) Have family dinner together.

There is a lot of research out there that has shown the importance and benefit of eating dinner together, so this is something I try to plan and prepare for each day. 

It doesn't always happen but when it does it gives us a wonderful opportunity to just be present with each other. It gives us a great chance to hear about each other’s day, to listen to each other’s high and low moment of the day.  And give each other the support and love we all need. each 

And let’s be honest with my kids being pretty young, I just find it so adorable to hear their recap of the day and what the highlight was for them. 

These are the five things I’m focusing on to live a more mindful life. 

I’m far from perfect at it but as I practice being able to pay attention to my emotions and actions without harshly judging myself. 

I can recognize the areas in which I’m doing well as well as the area I need improvement in. 

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  1. great!! this will really help me in my everyday life..thanks

  2. There is wonderful advice in this post, especially taking 5 min to listen to your day they are grown and then we wish we had taken the time back then.

  3. i am always trying to practice mindfulness. it is such a hard topic for many as we are always so busy! but i work on it everyday!