Monday, November 20, 2017

A Simple Craft to Teach Children About Mindfulness

As I continue to learn more about and start to practice mindfulness in my life, I also want to teach my children this as well so they can reap the benefits of this lifestyle practice.

While I was listening to a podcast about mindfulness (side note here, I cannot for the life of me remember which podcast it was, sorry! I really need to start writing these things down!) the guest (again can't remember who! Again I will start keeping notes!) brought up some simple ways to introduce mindfulness to children.

One way she brought up was by getting a snow globe and spending a few minutes and talking about the snowflakes. About how they are falling, fast or slow? Are the falling straight down or are they spinning around? Really whatever you want, the point is to take a minute or two and describe the flakes. By doing this you are living purely in the moment, just focusing fully on what you are doing in the present moment, observing the snowflakes.

This simple and short activity through play teaches children to just be present in the moment.

And me being me! I immediately thought I could do this as a craft with the girls!

They would love a homemade snow globe! 

And the best part is it really is a simple craft to make with kids!

Things that you will need:

Glass Jars (I used baby food jars but you could use mason jars as well)
A small toy that will fit on the lid
Baby Oil (you could use just water but I personal think the sparkles float better in baby oil)

If you are using baby food jars be sure to remove the labels first.

Then glue the small toy to the middle of the lid. And then set it aside to dry. I waited a day just to be on the save side but depending on what glue you decide to use you might not need to wait as long.

The next thing to do is add some sparkles to the jar, you don't really need a lot to have it look fantastic! Although if your children helps you pour in the sparkles you might end up with a lot more then you meant to! But that is fine, it still will look great!

Once you got the sparkles in there, pour in the oil. Just keep in mind that you can't fill it up too much as you will have to remember about the oil displacement due to the little toy on the lid.

Then once the oil is in there, and you make sure that the toy is stuck to lid really well, put some glue on around the edge of the lid and screw on the lid super tight!

Let it sit and dry.

Then once dry, have fun with your children watching the sparkles! Play around with it! Shack it up really hard and watch and talk about what happens.

It may seem simple but your kids will love it! 

And it will teach them all about living in the present moment. 


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