Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Snowflake Coffee Filter Craft with a Mindfulness Teaching Bonus

This a fun winter craft that is great to do 
with a wide age range of children!

Things You Will Need:

  • Coffee Filter
  • Markers
  •  Scissors
  • Water Spray Bottle
  • Garage Bag

It really is a wonderfully simple craft to do that your kids will love, and very little clean which is always the best!

 Step One – Flat out the coffee filter and let your kids go crazy with colouring the filters. Let them colour them in whatever way they want, the more colour the better! 

Step Two – Now because my kids are young, I did this step myself but if you have older children they could do this step. You will want to hold the filter in half, 4 times, then cut out whatever snowflake design you would like! 

Step Three – Once you have them all cut, spread out the garbage bag. The bag is just to keep the clean up to a minimum. When you lay them on the bag be sure that they are not overlapping.

Step Four – This part my kids just loved! You get your Spray Bottle and spray the filters till they are completely wet. 

Step Five – Let them dry! I let them sit overnight to be sure they were fully dry.  Then once they are dry, put them up on display!

Another great thing about this craft is that there are some wonderful opportunities to teach your children the practice mindfulness, as you are colouring talk about the different colours, describe them, are they bright, dull, do the colours make you feel anything? When spraying the water on the coffee filters describes how the colour moves, talk about that movement.

As you have these simple discussions with your children you are teaching them to be in the present moment. You are helping them focus solely on what they are doing. And when you talk about how the colours may make them feel, you are teaching them to not judge themselves harshly when they feel a wide range of emotions. Which in the future may help them break out of a negative thought pattern.  

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