Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Clothespin Christmas Activity Advent Calendar

So if you are anything like me you might have left making you activity advent calendar to the last minute.....But don't worry! I got your back!

Christmas Advent Calendar Free Printable

Not only did I find this straightforward calendar but I have some great tips on how to pick fun yet low-stress activities for the month.

And I even made a free printable to make pulling this calendar together super easy!

I saw this inspiration for my cute advent calendar here. When I saw it I just loved it and thought that it would be no trouble at all to make!

Which is exactly what I needed since I left it to the last few days!

So Let's Get Started!

Things you will need:
  • A glue gun and glue
  • Tape
  • 25 clothes pins
  • A Cardboard Circle (the one I had was 4 inch)
  • Wrapping paper
  • A little piece of ribbon
  • My Free Printable

Christmas Advent Calendar Free Printable

Step One - You need to measure out your middle cardboard circle. So get the cardboard and your clothespins, lay out the clothespins to see how big of a circle you need. You could use a plate or a round lid to help you. I had a little 4-inch cardboard cake round that I used, which I think worked fine, but I did use mini clothes pins so if you are using regular size ones you will need a bigger circle. Once you know how big of a circle you need simply cut it out.

Step Two- Take the Cardboard circle, lay it down on the wrapping paper and then cut a piece of the wrapping paper that is about 1 - 2 inches bigger than your cardboard circle.

Step Three- To make it easier for myself, I glued the cardboard down to the middle of the wrapping paper.

Step Four- To make sure that you get a nice edge around the circle, snip toward the center of the cardboard circle without cutting the cardboard.

Christmas Advent Calendar Free Printable

Step Five- Once you have made those cuts all the way around fold them down on the cardboard and tape them down. You could glue them down if you wanted, I just found it quicker to tape them down!

Step Six- Turn the circle over so you have the nice side facing up and then with your glue gun, gun the clothe pins on. Make sure you have 25! I found these super cute little mini sparkly ones at my local dollar store which I just fell in love with! So I didn't have to decorate the clothespins myself! Now if you are using the regular ones, you can use them just as they are, which I think looks great! Or if you wanted you could very easier paint them, or even put some washi tape on them to make them a little fancier! Anyway once you are done whatever you want with them glue them to your cardboard circle. Make sure that you have the part of the clothespin that will hold the number facing out!

Christmas Advent Calendar Free Printable

Step Seven - Once the glue has dried, turn it over and make a loop with your ribbon and glue it to the back so you have something to hang it up with.

Step Eight - Print off your FREE PRINTABLE, to make sure they hold up longer I suggest printing them off on cardstock paper. Then cut them out.

Christmas Advent Calendar Free Printable
A little preview of your printable
Click HERE for your Free Printable

(An optional step is that you could laminate them to help them last until next year, you would just have to write the activity with a whiteboard mark.)

Christmas Advent Calendar Free Printable

I just love how it looks! With mine I really like how they over lap and the day you are on is the one that will show up on top. 

But if you do not like the overlapping look just remember to make you cardboard circle bigger that way you will have more space in between each of the clothespins.

Step Nine - The last step is now that you have the numbers all cut out and ready to go you just have to write each day activity on the back.

Here are some tips to keep the activities low stress.

Work in activities you already are planning to do. For example, I know that we will be going to get pictures with Santa, so I would use that as the activity for that day!

Plan on using decorating for the holidays as the activity or activities! I like to draw this out for a few days! For example, one day the activity will be setting up the Christmas and putting on the lights. Then the next day would be decorating the tree. I also use setting up the nativity as an activity on its own day.  So as you can see you could really spread that out! This will make life so much easier for you!

For younger children have Christmas coloring pages for them to do, I used this activity a few times last year it was so great because I would have them color while I was making dinner, and having them entertained while I made dinner made everyone happy!

So as you can see just keep it simple!

That way everyone can enjoy the activities including you!

I have also included a few links to other blogs that have lists with some more great activities you can use on your Christmas Advent Calendar this year. Go here, here and here!

So you should have no problem putting it all together, even if like me, you left it to the last minute!

Merry Christmas!!!


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