Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Winter Christmas Tree Arts and Crafts Project

The original plan was to share this great art and craft project by Marcie from purely as a guest post, but when I saw her amazing craft, I just had to do it with my girls straight away! 

Marcie very graciously let me turn her guest post into more of a collaborative post instead, as I will share my experience with doing this great craft for kids with my two girls.

First, here is Marcie!

Today I am sharing a winter holiday project.

I put this together by using the following;
•    red construction paper,
•    paint,
•    glitter,
•    glue,
•    paintbrush
•    And my finger!

Here is how to do it.

1)    Get some red or white construction paper.
2)    Take a black marker and make a triangle for the tree.
3)    Paint the inside of the triangle green.
4)    Using the paintbrush paint one finger and put it on the tree making lights with different colors. Make sure after you finished using one color to wipe the paint off your finger before adding another color.
5)    When the paint dries put some glue on the tree and add a little gold glitter.

painting Christmas tree craft project for kids

My girls and I had a lovely time doing this fun and easy craft project, and I loved all the excellent teaching moments that are so naturally built into this project as well.

Because my girls are younger, I drew the triangle myself but I was able to take a moment and talk about it with them. We talked about how many points and how many sides it has. As well I got them to trace over it with their finger a few times. 

Which they just loved! For real! It is marvelous seeing the world through a child’s eye because everything is so amazing and anything can be turned into a game! Even counting points and sides of a triangle!

When I brought out the paint and explained we were going to turn that triangle into a Christmas tree, they were so excited and continue to point to our Christmas tree and saying “We have a Christmas tree over there too!”
They had a great time painting and much to my delight there was little to no mess!
painting Christmas tree craft project for kids

They thought it was awesome that they were able to put paint on their finger and make little “lights” for the tree.

I saw this as a wonderful nature moment to share some mindfulness practices, so we talked about how the paint felt on their fingers, what it smelt like. We talked about the colours, and how the colours made them feel. It was such a naturally teaching moment, and it led to a beautifully simple discussion on how great it was to have paint on one’s finger!

Oh, to be a child again!

I think it goes without saying that glitter is always a big hit! 

I did have to help them as I did not want to be cleaning up glitter for years to come! Haha!

We had a great time with this fantastic winter holiday project and I know you will too!

These two just crack me up!

 I’m looking forward to what great arts and crafts project for kids Marcie will come up with next!


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