Monday, January 22, 2018

8 Months with Baby #3

*** Special Note Again!****
***I realize that I'm super late in getting this posted, but thankfully although I may take my sweet time get this written up for the blog, I have still been able to take the picture and write in my journal right on time! So I guess I'm not doing that bad! ;) ***

Once again we have hit another month mark. And once again it has come upon us all too soon!

The biggest new thing this month is that you are now crawling!

It started slowly and wobbly but once you started moving there was no stopping you!

Now that you are moving you are doing your very best to keep up with your sister's! They love to crawl on the ground with you and play chase with you.

Also now that you are crawling I have become paranoid about you getting a hold of any of the girl's small toys and putting them straight in your mouth! So I have been telling the girls over and over no small toys on the floor! I feel like they are starting to understand, sort of!

With you now crawling you get to explore any part of the house you would like and one of your top "go-to" spots is the dog food! Thankfully you have yet to taste any of it, and heaven help me I'm going to make sure it stays that way!

The other new thing this month is that you had your front two bottom teeth come in. For the most part, you seemed to handle it well. There were one or two days where you were a little more fussy than normal so your teeth might have been bothering but it is kind of hard to say.

Like always this past month has been wonderful! And I'm so very much looking forward to the days to come and continue to watch you learn and grow.

I'm so happy that you are a part of our family!

That goofy grin melts my heart every time! 


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