Tuesday, January 23, 2018

9 Months with Baby #3

Well, I think that I meant deserve a mommy pat on the back! Because after failing to post this on time for two months in a row! I finally got one up on time! WooHoo!

This past month you finally started sitting up all by yourself without leaning on your hands at all for support!

When I saw you do this for the first time I got so excited and starting yelling to your Father,

"Look! Come Look! He is sitting without leaning on his hands!!!" 

Your father looked at me funny and said: " He has been doing that for a while!" 

"WHAT!?!?" " And you didn't tell me!?!?"

"Well, I thought you knew.... you are with him all day."

" Have only ever seen him leaning on his hands! You have to tell me these things!"

Sooo As you can see, there might be slight changes that you started sitting up on your own last month! But I feel like because I first saw it this month, it is okay to mark it as happening this month!

You have to turn into a speed racer crawler! It feels like to can from one end of the house to the other in less than a second! It really has kept me on my toes and I have been putting up make sift baby gates to try and ensure that you stay out of trouble at least for a few minutes!

And thankfully I have taught your sisters pretty well and they help keep a watchful eye on you, taking away toys that they feel is not safe for you or that they want to play with!

Speaking of your sisters, you already have such a great relationship with them, your eyes just light up whenever you see them. And they make you laugh and laugh as they play with and tickle you. You will squeal with delight as they crawl around on the floor with you! It is so sweet to see it just melts my heart.

You are doing great in the sleep department all except about a week or so you decided that 5:20 am was a good time to start waking up so that has been fun! I'm hoping that it is just a phase.

Otherwise, you are just perfect in every way!

I can't wait for the next month and all the joy you will bring us!


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