Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Painless Blotto Painting Valentine's Day Project

You know sometimes you get in a funk and just can't think of new arts and crafts to do with your kids, which is fun, easy and keeps the clean up to a minimal.

Well, that happened to me recently, I just was feeling "blah” and my creative juices were just not flowing so I couldn't think of a preschool-friendly craft to do with my kids.

Thank goodness for good friends! No word of a lie, but the day I was feeling this way, a good friend sent me a message with a link to a super great painting craft for kids!

Not only did it look fun and easy but it looked like there would be a very minimal mess!

So I thought I would share how our experience went with this Painless Blotto Painting Valentine's Day Project went!

Items You Will Need;

Paper - I would recommend a thicker paper like card stock just because you will want the paper to be strong enough not to rip when it comes time to rub it.

Paint - Any and all the colours you want!

Painting Shirts - Just to help clean up quick and easy! I just used my husband's work shirts.

Garbage Bag - You don't NEED this but I like to spread it out over our work area that way when we are done our craft, I can just roll it up and then BOOM! All Cleaned Up!

Okay on to the craft!

Step One:

Cut the paper into a heart. 

I did this by simply folding the sheet of paper in half and then I cut half a heart shape along the folded edge.

Step Two:

Add the paint! 

Depending on the age of your children, you can let them do this step themselves or if you have younger kids (like me) it might be best for you to add the paint. But if you are adding the paint you can still get your young children involved by getting them to tell you what colours they want. You can get them to show you where to put the paint and even how much! So there are lots of ways to keep this step fun and exciting for your younger children.

Step Three:

Fold and rub the heart all over to squish that paint all around! 

This is the best part! You can even turn it into a game! Have them rub it fast! And then slooooow. Get them to see if they can make the paint go all the way to the sides of the heart! That was a big hit with my girls they thought it hilarious to see the paint squish out the side and even on their hands! Yes, that made things a little more mess but to hear their laughter made it all worth it!

Step Four:

Open your heart and see your Beautiful Painting Masterpiece!

Ooooooh, Aaaahhhhh!

Yup! They will be that beautiful and most important it is that painless to do a great painting craft with your kids!

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  1. This is the kind of painting that I can do. :) I used to love doing these types of projects with the kiddos.